The Archangel Universe

The fastest way to grow your business is to have clarity around where you are today, where you’re headed, and the biggest obstacles that can prevent you from getting there.

We’d like to introduce you to a model called ‘The Archangel Universe’ that describes the 4 major phases of the entrepreneurial journey we see in the Archangel community.

We call these phases:

The Dreamer
The Artist
The Master
The Visionary

It’s our personal mission to help you travel up the path from Dreamer to Visionary so that you can make the biggest impact possible.

The Dreamer

The first phase on the journey is The Dreamer phase.

The Dreamer is someone who either aspires to build a dream business based on sharing their gifts and superpowers, or has recently started a business.

The Dreamer’s revenues are typically between $0-$100k, and they are typically working on their own and wear all the hats in the company (which can often be a side-hustle or part-time project).

The Dreamer’s ‘dream’ is to get passed the $100k revenue mark, build something that ‘works’ and that makes good money.  They want proof of concept.

Their biggest forms of kryptonite are ‘Fear’ (will this work?  what if I fail?  what if I can’t pay the bills and support myself and my family?), and ‘Fog’ (lack of clarity around what to do, what your mission is, what your purpose is, business model, pricing, ideal client, how to find clients, how to differentiate, what your value is, etc).

What they crave most is an answer to the question ‘WHAT’ – what do I do?  What is my purpose?  What value do I create?  What do I say that will inspire people to buy?

The Artist

The second phase on the journey is The Artist phase.

The Artist has put in the work and has developed a reputation for producing consistent results and outcomes. A lot of their business comes from referrals, and they’re often at the point of hitting capacity.

The Artist’s revenues are over $100k and they are either still on their own or have a few contractors to help.  They’re also considering hiring their first full-time employee but struggle to justify making the investment.

The Artist’s dream is to cross over $1M in revenue and start building a ‘machine’ around their business that automates lead generation and brings in consistent business, as well as build a team around them so they can delegate all the ‘crap’ they don’t want to do and focus on their superpowers and creating more impact.

Their biggest forms of kryptonite are lack of . “how-to’s” and frameworks around lead generation and automated marketing, team building, scaling, finances, and operations.

What they crave most is the answer to the question HOW – how do I automate my marketing?  How do I build my team?  How do I build my tribe and get the word out about my business?

The Master

The third phase on the journey is The Master phase.

The Master has shifted from being the Artist who ‘does the work’ and is now the entrepreneur who’s building a team that ‘does the work’.

The Master’s revenues are over $1M and they have a few full-time employees.

The Master’s dream is to SCALE QUICKLY and reach $10M in revenue.

Their biggest forms of kryptonite are understanding how to hire the right people without running out of money, how to manage cashflow, how to create SOP’s and processes, how to create systems of communication among the team, how to shift in mindset from ‘doer’ to ‘leader’, how to leverage time and give up control of their calendar and inbox.

For Masters, everyone comes to you with their problems for you to solve – your team, your clients, etc – but you don’t have people to go to with YOUR problems.  Life feels lonely and isolating.

What they crave the most is the answer to the question ‘WHO’ – who can I turn to with my challenges? Who do I know that can help me solve specific problems?  Who can I hire that will protect my confidence and help me scale the business?

The Visionary

The fourth phase on the journey is The Visionary phase.

The Visionary has shifted from being the sole leader of the business to developing a team of leaders as well as departments.

The Visionary’s revenues are over $10M and the team now has levels and structure with an org chart.

The Visionary’s dream is to scale to $100M and at the same time start thinking about legacy, paying it forward, philanthropy, and serving at the highest level possible by sharing their wisdom, advice, and capital.

For The Visionary it’s all about scaling a quickly as possible and creating exponential impact.  Their dream of changing the world is now a potential reality.


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